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Welcome to

Co-op Academy Friarswood

Giving pupils the opportunities to be the best they can be

About Us

Providing a broad set of opportunities in a safe and happy environment

Our Vision and Values

We are part of a community where all pupils feel they belong

Our Community

Welcome to

Co-op Academy Friarswood

At Co-op Academy Friarswood, we really do believe in ‘working together to be the best’. We treat everyone as unique, special and valued members of our school. We believe in equal opportunities for all no matter what their characteristics are. Everybody is equal and everybody has a right to learn in a safe, happy and supportive environment.

A Warm Welcome
From our Headteacher

Lindsey Wilmer, Headteacher

I’m very proud to be the Headteacher of this wonderful school. Co-op Academy Friarswood is an inclusive, loving and caring primary school based in the Westlands in Newcastle-under-Lyme. We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff who support children and families in their journey through the start of their education and learning journey. By providing a rich and broad set of opportunities in a safe and happy environment, children are able to develop every aspect of their character, not just their academic side.

Our School Overview


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KS2 SATS Reading

KS2 SATS Maths

​​​​​​​What do people say?

At Co-op Academy Friarswood the school’s values are at the heart of leaders’ work. Pupils believe that the values of safe, trust, achieve and resilience are important. They talk about these things regularly, with one pupil commenting, 'they are as important outside of school as inside.’


Leaders have high aspirations for pupils. They ensure that pupils understand the career opportunities which are available to them in later life. There are many planned visits to school, including a range of adults from occupations, such as artists, barristers, paramedics, marine biologists and florists. These visits are planned for each year group, starting from the early years.


Parents are happy with the school. One comment was typical of many stating, ‘I'm very grateful to the school staff for the positive learning atmosphere and support in everything.’


Pupils enjoy a range of responsibilities that promote their independence and prepare them for the future. For example, the eco-warriors are proactive in promoting ecology and sustainability. They have secured a grant to build a community herb garden in school. When pupil leaders leave school, they train the new leaders well in order to sustain this work. There is a wide range of clubs on offer for pupils out of school time. For example, cricket, football, netball, entrepreneur, construction and cooking clubs.


Leaders have established a positive reading culture across the school. Pupils talk confidently about the stories they like to read. They read a range of texts and enjoy reading at home.


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