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Newsletter ~ May Week Two

Dear Families,

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.


Online safety for you and your children
Parentzone  has lots of information about staying safe when online.  If you’re unsure how to set up 2 step verification, not sure about malware or have received some ‘dodgy looking emails’  this is definitely the site for you.


Year 3 athletics 
I had the pleasure of taking some Year 3 children to Co-op Academy Stoke to take part in athletics against Co-op Academy Clarice Cliff.  The children took part in various races, all showing off their running skills.  Well done to Luca, Daniel, Emma, Eva, Oscar, Amber and Louie.  They all came home with several medals.


Coffee Afternoon
We had a couple of parents join us for the coffee afternoon where we got to chat about SEN and various difficulties we have with children.  We will be arranging another time for parents to come and join us so please watch out for the invite.


Sports Events
We’ve got our sports days coming up:

Early years - Wednesday 22nd May at 9:15am

KS1 - Wednesday 22nd May at 1:15pm

KS2 - Thursday 23rd May at 1:15pm  (some children will be playing in a cricket competition at Leycett Cricket club during this)


This term we will be practising our lockdown procedures.

Twice a year we practise our lockdown procedure.  This procedure would be used if there was a threat to the safety of the children, staff and others in the school and it would be safer to stay in school rather than leave the school.  Possible situations where we would use the lockdown procedure are:

-a possible dangerous person or animal on the school grounds

-an incident in the local community which could affect the school and everyone in it

-a terrorist incident

-extreme weather which could put lives at risk

-an alert from the UK emergency alerts system

If a lockdown occurs, the children and staff will remain in classrooms, lock the doors and sit under tables.  Everyone remains quiet.  The senior staff call the emergency services and follow their advice.  

As parents, you will be alerted to the lockdown as soon as we can do this.  Please do not come to the school or try to call the school as we will need the phone lines free.  We will not let any child out of the school (and anyone into the school) if we’re in a lockdown until the emergency services have confirmed it is safe to do so.

We ask that parents do not share the event on social media as this may cause panic and spread false information.

When we practise lockdowns, the staff explain to the children what is happening and why.  Everything is explained in an age appropriate way.  The children already know that we want them to be safe and this will help.  Each time we practise one of our emergency procedures, the staff always explain to the children why it is necessary.


Change of menu Thursday 16th May - All day Breakfast with a Vanilla Ice Cream Tub for dessert


Fathers Day   'Marvellous Men' Gifts

Don't forget the PTA are collecting orders for the special men in your children's lives. The gifts are suitable for Dads, Step-Dads, Foster or adoptive Dads as well as Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers and more!

The fantastic gift options available are:

1. Handcrafted and Personalized Mug:
   - Decorated by the children with love and creativity.
   - Comes with a delicious chocolate bar inside.
   - Price: £3.50

2. Handcrafted Personalized Coaster:
   - Coloured by the children, making each one unique.
   - A practical yet thoughtful gift.
   - Price: £2.50

3. Special Offer: Order Both for £5!
- Combine the mug and coaster for an even more memorable Father's Day surprise at a discounted price.

If you would like to order, please send in the correct amount in an envelope, along with your child's name, class and order details  (who the gift is for so we can encourage the children to add this onto their decoration)

Last day to order is Friday 24th May - No orders can be accepted after this time.



Have a lovely weekend.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Wilmer


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